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Entry Level – Aetna Customer Service Representative

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  • Earn more with these high paying independent jobs
    Here is the full list of the most lucrative skills for independent workers. Gone are the days when freelance work was a precarious career choice limited to a handful of niche industries. Shifting workplace norms and a tight labor market in the U.S. are giving employees the freedom to strike out on their own while raking in impressive sums. […]
  • General Motors Explore careers
    General motors careers Introduction: General Motors Company commonly referred to as General Motors (GM), is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Detroit that designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts, and sells financial services. With global headquarters in Detroit’s Renaissance Center, GM manufactures cars and trucks in 35 countries. The company was founded […]
  • The Highest Paying 10 Healthcare Jobs
    A job in healthcare can come with a healthy living.   According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for healthcare workers, from dental hygienist to surgeon, is about $64,770 (the median annual wage for all occupations in the U.S. is $37,690.) That means workers can earn almost twice the national […]
  • The $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot
      The Mega Millions jackpot is officially worth over $1.6 billion. Your chance of winning is just one in 302.6 million, but that hasn’t stopped 280 million people from buying tickets. Even those people who’ve never purchased a ticket have at least considered the question, “What would you do if you won the lottery?” For many, the […]
  • 10 best companies for working
    Best ten  companies   Seventy percent of mothers with children under the age of 18 are in today’s workforce, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. In a tight labor market, it’s a great time for companies to focus on creating work environments that empower working parents. Each year, Working Mother magazine releases a list of the 100 […]
  • Flexible Remote Work Options
        Categories: Remote, Part-Time, and Freelance Jobs Company Accolades: Employer is a Fortune 500 Company These companies have the most flexible job listings. 100 Top Companies To Watch for Remote Jobs Employer is one of the Forbes-ranked 100 Most Trustworthy Companies The best company for leaders, as named by Chief Executive magazine. Location: US […]
  • Customer Service Representative – Remote Work Options
    Join our team as a Customer Service Rep, and you’ll have the opportunity to build your career with the benefit of working remotely from your home. For our customer service team, it’s all about helping others. We’re looking for people with a passion for building relationships and a knack for problem-solving to join our team […]
  • 7 things to do in college to set yourself up for financial success later on
     As students across the country start college this fall, they face new freedom and responsibility. College finance consultant Kathy Ruby tells CNBC Make It that for most students, starting college is a “first step towards financial independence.” Over 44 million Americans hold a total of $1.5 trillion in student loan debt and it takes them, on average, 20 years to pay off those […]

RSS Student loan Forgiveness

  • Consolidating your federal education loans: It will modify your payments
    A Direct Consolidation Loan allows you to consolidate (combine) multiple federal education loans into one loan. The result is a single monthly payment instead of multiple payments. Loan consolidation can also give you access to additional loan repayment plans and forgiveness programs. There is no application fee to consolidate your federal education loans into a […]
  • What to do if you’re denied student loan refinancing
    Refinancing your student loans could save you money and it only takes a few minutes to get personalized quotes from lenders. The Federal Reserve predicted that they’d keep their interest rates low through 2023, which means you may have time to prepare to refinance your student loans. If you don’t qualify for a refinance right now, […]
  • Student Loan Consolidation 2021: What Is It? Who Can Help You?
    Student Loan Consolidation 2021   Getting an education is an expensive endeavor, and afterward, whether you graduate or not, repaying the loans you took out can prove to be quite challenging. Before you default, or ask for forbearance, or go as far as bankruptcy a common solution to help make your loan payments more manageable […]
  • Are You Qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness or Discharge?
    (iStock) Federal student loans offer benefits – One benefit is the ability to qualify for loan forgiveness under the special circumstances, the federal government may forgive part, or all, of your federal student loans. That means you’re no longer obligated to make your loan payments. Another benefit is there may be some situations where you […]
  • Student Loan Balance Up After Five Years
    Here’s what you need to know. A new report says that about half of student loan borrowers have a higher student loan balance after 5 years. Student Loan Repayment Imagine this common scenario: you borrow student loans. You start to pay off your student loans. You keep paying off your student loans every month. Five years go by. […]
  • The complicated beauty of student debt forgiveness
    Robert F. Smith, founder, and CEO of private-equity firm Vista Equity Partners Robert F. Smith, founder, and CEO of private-equity firm Vista Equity Partners gave a commencement speech to Morehouse College’s graduating class. Then, the billionaire announced that he and his family would pay off the roughly 400 graduating seniors’ student loans — as well […]
  • 100,000 debtors Rejected For Student Loan Forgiveness. But why?
    (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey) Student Loan Forgiveness Debt Statistics: The latest student loan debt statistics show that more than 100,000 people who applied for public service loan forgiveness have been rejected. Here’s what you need to know and what to do about it. The U.S. Department of Education released the latest statistics for public service loan […]
  • Denied public service loan forgiveness, so filed a lawsuit
    The number of people who’ve been financially derailed by the public service loan forgiveness program is piling up, and so are the borrowers interested in bringing their servicers to court to seek damages.“It’s clear that students are claiming the servicers told them one thing, when something else was true,” said Dan Zibel, vice president and […]
  • CFPB Student Loan Ombudsman Report
    Executive summary Pursuant to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, this annual report analyzes complaints submitted by consumers between September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017. During this period, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB” or “Bureau”) handled approximately 12,900 federal student loan servicing complaints, 7,700 private student loan complaints, and approximately […]
  • US Debt $ 4 trillion now- Expert isn’t worried
    Americans in Debt, Solutions & Legal Protections of Debt It’s only been five years since Americans hit a grand total of $3 trillion in consumer debt and yet, by the end of 2018, that figure is expected to jump by another trillion. In the first nine months of 2018, Americans had a cumulative $3.93 trillion […]